Property Transactions - Nov. 16, 2012


Lake Hayward Rd: Mcintosh, Louise A to Roaring Brk Advisors LLC, $237,500.

12 Highland Cir: Brown, Nicole M & Brown, Thomas A to Hartling, Krista, $235,000.

Lake Hayward Rd #49: Dias, Robert M to Roaring Brk Advisors LLC, $237,500.


15 Freedom Way #37: Clein, Robert H to Camerlin, Joseph A & Lee, Shuhua, $220,000.

23 Plum Hl: Brookfield Relocation Inc to Schunemeyer, Leonard D & Schunemeyer, Patricia A, $485,000.

19 Dean Rd: Sheridan, Linda A to Limauge, Greg A & Limauge, Wendy S, $395,000.

46 Woodbridge Rd: Foltz, Robert E & Foltz, Jennifer H to Silver, Michael J & Silver, Sookhee, $300,000.

10 Green Valley Lake Rd: Robbins, Cynthia H to Keir, Cameron, $285,000.

26 Penncove Rd: Hensch, Mary J to Bellemare, Kyle & Bellemare, Samantha, $235,000.

4 Colonial Dr: Langan, Catherine M to Mickelson, Jeffrey D & Mickelson, Linda E, $560,000.

Flanders Rd: East Lyme Cemetery Assoc to Dwyer, William & Dwyer, Constance, $1,500.

20 Church Ln #3: Fraser, Jacqueline B to Cardoza, Leonard A & Cardoza, Dianne G, $157,000.

333 Chesterfield Rd: Silva, Mark W & Silva, Tiffany A to Snyder, Kimberly, $229,000.


20 Amy Rd: Edmond, John F to Ohara, John T, $200,000.


220 Lestertown Rd: Bailey, Martha K to Tankard, Pamela, $186,000.

213 Bridge St: Hendel Investors LLC to Lamothe, Charles G & Lamothe, Patricia J, $135,000.

208 Pleasant Valley Rd S: DKR Mtg Asset T 1 to Najar, Richard & Najar, Mary E, $180,000.

294 Meridian St #A: FNMA to SIS Homes LLC, $50,000.

177 Morse Ave: Romano, Michael F to Jump, Lewis E & Erazo-Jump, Evelin, $140,000.

182 Shore Ave: Esposito, Joseph C to Furlong, Susan E & Polifroni, Elizabeth C, $312,500.

98 Chestnut Hill Rd: Bonang, Philip J to Guild, Deborah L, $201,000.

937 Buddington Rd: Tankard, Pamela to Buonano, Michael A & Buonano, Rebecca A, $26,260.

41 Neptune Dr: Wilson, Christopher G to Zappile, Arlene E & Zappile, Ronald P, $550,000.

281 Flanders Rd: Shaw, Marvin R & Shaw, Claris M to Custom Siteworks LLC, $36,000.

11 Windrose Dr: Citiznes Bank to Webb, Elizabeth D & Webb, Robert T, $322,000.

59 Oslo St: Kelly-Pray, Erica to Wright, George & Wright, Melissa, $150,000.

89 Deerfield Ridge Dr: Drummond, Scott D & Drummond, Jessica L to Residence Realty Fund LLC, $191,362.

58 Pumpkin Hill Rd: Paige, Arthur L & Paige, Ralph W to Paige, Josephine V, $229,900.

8 New London Rd: Goodrow, Richard E & Goodrow, Grace to Murgio, Barbara A & Murgio, Diane, $208,000.

14 Pearl St (Mystic): Mclaughlin, Francis E & Mclaughlin, Lynda W to Murli, Joseph I, $490,000.

N/A: Mashantucket Pequot Tribl to National Railroad Passeng, $4,000,000.

188 Ensign Dr: JSG Dev LLC to Hanley, James M, $389,000.


5 Applewood Dr: Ledyard Real Est Dev LLC to Cregger, Benjamin E & Cregger, Samantha L, $270,000.

10 Kalmia Dr: Walsky, Robert L to Siedsma, Michael J & Siedsma, Kathryn M, $312,000.

5 Tanager Ln: FNMA to Mcdonald, Brenda, $175,001.

7 Hemlock Cir: Moore, Gregory B & Moore, Renee L to FNMA, $309,394.

9 Lakeside Dr #J: Sargeant, Sheila B to PNC Bank NA, $1.

11 Old Colony Ln: Fenaughty Props LLC to Trinidad, Nathaniel & Trinidad, Angie M, $228,000.

12 Blacksmith Dr: Coombe, Cynthia to Chubbuck, Melissa, $154,000.

4 Blackwatch Ln: Plaza 1 Realty Co to Nowak, Chad C, $124,000.

8 Meeting House Ln: Evans, David R & Mastranunzio, Jill M to Midfirst Bank State SB, $1.

83 Meeting House Ln: Limauge, Greg A & Limauge, Wendy S to Mandile, Gregory J & Lusk, Holly L, $159,000.

17 Eagle Ridge Dr: Butler, Kenneth & Butler, Annmarie to Dunn, Bradley, $200,000.

313 Shewville Rd: Connelly, Kevin to Onewest Bank FSB, $1.

306 Shewville Rd: Rezendes, Thelma M to Manley, Kerry, $154,000.


16 Mcneeley Rd: Malavenda, Armando & Keehner, Susan to Malavenda, Michael, $100,000.

79 Mell Rd: Ocasio, Pedro J & Bellisle, Susan A to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $1.

108 Town House Rd: Murzycki, Brian L & Murzycki, Sally A to Cannamela, Mario P, $205,000.

16 Gavin Way: GC Lisbon LLC to Lagace, Andrew D & Somales, Jamie N, $239,900.


66 West St: Lindo Constr LLC to Tenzin, Dhakpa & Tsam, Nyima, $175,000.

10 Taddei Ct: Moss, Rex S & Moss, Kahnh Hau T to Morgan, Lillian R, $290,000.

261 Lynch Hill Rd: Thopson Homes LLC to Hallberg, Brina J & Hallberg, Molly J, $242,500.

330 Maple Ave: Reed Eva A Est & Reed, Malcom J to Mendoz, David F, $106,000.

1311 Route 32: FHLM to Flores, Carlos I, $232,000.


46 River Rd: Yeaw, Julie & Johnson, Daniel L to Onewest Bank FSB, $1.


42 River Crest Dr: Landry, Daniel Z & Golder, Jennifer to Choquette, Jeffrey J & Krause-Choquette, P A, $370,000.

76 Noyes Ave (Lords Point): Crader, Scott E to Bradway, Warren L, $233,000.

15 Kelly St: Pittamn, Maire J to Bressette, Thomas J & Peterson, Theresa A, $50,000.

19 E Forest Rd: Allsopp, Martha B to Bradford, William T, $105,000.

42 Palmer St (Pawcatuck): Buckbinder, Leonard & Hipsher, Carlyn L to Brookfield Relocation Inc, $322,500.

8 Back Acres Way: Prudential Relocation Inc to Kieltyka, Andrzej & Beretta, Elena, $525,000.

65 Old North Rd: Ponzo, Richard J & Ponzo, Rita L to Crawofrd, Peter & Payne, Andrienne S, $615,000.


13 Spinnaker Rd: Pavone, Robert J & Pavone, Duilia L to Vedo Realty LLC, $440,000.


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