Replace TSA workers with veterans

Transportation Security Administration theft of passenger valuables is a national problem.

U.S. officers have been arrested for stealing from passenger luggage. Embarrassing, unwarranted searches, and detaining of civilians have "black marked" the government's TSA program.

Let the one government organization proven successful in keeping this country safe manage the TSA. Replace TSA workers with military veterans.

The skills and training necessary to prevent terrorists from boarding civilian aircraft requires experience that military veterans already possess. They are inherently mission-focused, team players.

TSA workers being replaced by veterans will bring discipline, responsible leadership and skills necessary to safeguard this country.

A chain of command would exist with positions filled through interviews, resumes and DD214 vetted experience and successful documented military experience.

Rank and pay grades could mimic the military system combining service pay grades with unique rank structure. Safeguarding this great nation and its people are the utmost important factor. Our veterans are the people needed to organize and operate the TSA.

Editor's note: The writer is a retired Army sergeant first class.

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