Commentary unfairly vilified Republicans

Regarding the Nov. 10 guest commentary, "How come you Jews support Obama?" these words were not said to be offensive. The way the writer worded the headline was not very diplomatic.

Just to clear up a few facts, most Americans take a social responsibility for the less fortunate. Almost 50 percent of Americans pay income tax. Why bring up Romney being a friend of Prime Minister Netanyahu? Is that a negative?

What does the writer know that Netanyahu doesn't know about America's cooperation with Israel? The writer is frightened about Paul Ryan being vice president. Is he not frightened of Vice President Joe Biden? As a Republican, I say the tea party does not dominate the Republican Party. The Republicans and tea party support sensible spending and are not against sensible taxes.

The writer mentions JFK in his article. I ask, would JFK be allowed to be in the Democratic Party today? Joe Lieberman was thrown out of the Party. Some people now say it is the Socialist Democrat Party.

Now, President Obama says he is open to compromise. Will the writer of this article please name one issue on which he would compromise?

Judge people by what they do, not what they say.

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