Divert defense money to underground lines

Regarding Judy Benson's Nov, 4 article, "Underground lines not a 'silver bullet' against outages." I think most of the people who have gone without power for days, and in some cases weeks, might be just fine with the lead bullet that would keep their power on.

When I was growing up, I remember the excitement of a new highway opening, cutting down travel times by hours. Imagine, no traffic lights between Maine and Florida!

So, how did this wonderful project that benefited the public so much take place? Federal money.

Perhaps if people begin to question why half of our federal budget is spent on the military, we might be getting somewhere.

Unfortunately, fear tactics are very effective. I also remember being told we were better off fighting the Viet Cong in Southeast Asia than here in America. And you know what? It turns out the Viet Cong didn't have the means of invading Eastport, N.Y. after all.

I'm now thinking that my chances of suffering due to the effects of global warming are greater than my chances of being beheaded by the Taliban. Am I alone in this thinking?

Let's get some of our tax money back in ways that really keep us safe. Put the power lines underground.

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