N.L. pound

New Londonís pound has been condemned since tropical storm Sandy roared through late October; its roof badly damaged by an enormous tree that fell across it. All of their pet food and supplies are lost to water damage. They are in desperate need of bedding, pet toys, leashes, carriers, wet food, dry food, bleach, towels and blankets. It may be easiest to donate gift cards to animal control officers for local pet stores so they can purchase supplies as needed. People can call to inquire about specific needs: 860-447-5265.

New London Self Storage on 960 Bank Street has donated the use of a climate controlled 10 x 10 unit to house donations for them. Their hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 to 5. Please bring donations to them for their pound animals are in need!

Currently New London animals are at Montville Animal Control on Maple Avenue. What is New London doing to ensure this doesnít go on indefinitely? Has an application been put into their insurer and FEMA for repair/replacement of their facility? If so, how long will it take to get their facility back?

Animal control officers are keeping a local presence by working out of a temporary office on Truman Street. But, this means the animal control officer in Montville has had a doubling of her workload. Is New London sending their kennel help up to Montville to assist in the upkeep and care of their animals? If they havenít done this they should. It is a mutual aid situation and they can't dump their responsibilities.

The public needs to be made aware of an unpleasant but primary concern and that is euthanasia could occur for lack of space. Chances are it will happen. It has to. Montvilleís facility is smaller than New Londonís and is carrying the burden of 2 communities right now.

Please go to the Montville pound and adopt these animals as soon as possible. Please call New London Public Works, New London city councilors and their Mayors Office and inquire about the status of their communities animal control facility. Innocent lives are depending on you.