Respect for the Potential Threat

I am writing this in response to the Phase II Environmental Site Assessment for the property at 71-79 Killingworth Turnpike, Richard's Farm, which was purchased by the Town of Clinton as the building site for the new Morgan School.

As a member of the landscape industry with a Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) category 3A license for turf and ornamental pest control, I am quite familiar with and not fearful of pesticides. However, like electricians or other professionals dealing with hazardous materials or work conditions, I have a respect for the potential threat of the material I work with.

Mr. Fritz's plan to build the new high school at this location is frightening. As the report points out, many of the pesticides found in the study are considered to be persistent pesticides, now banned, and each carries with it a list of side effects, each of which is bad enough to warrant banning. Organochlorine pesticides (which include DDT) were found at this site; a small sample of health hazards from this class of pesticide includes: cancer, neurological damage, Parkinson's disease, birth defects, and respiratory illnesses.

In addition to these pesticides, heavy metals were also found, including lead, which is well known to cause learning disabilities.

Really, does Mr. Fritz want to build a school at a site contaminated with pollutants known to cause learning disabilities?

The proposed idea that we will simply bring in a few of yards of top soil and dilute the pollutants is ludicrous at best. Even if the DEEP is willing to sign off on such a ridiculous solution, I, as the father of three small children, find no comfort in the idea of sending my children to school on such a polluted property.

Sean Lyons


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