MGM Grand at Foxwoods welcomes Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is a gold standard when it comes to comedians. He's perfected his niche, which involves often skewering the mundane things in life.

In his latest standup routines, critics have quoted him bemoaning our civilization's "advances." For instance: alcoholic coffee beverages, which he says are aimed at people who want to stay both "trashed and alert." Emailing, he says, is how someone tells you they don't want to actually talk to you - "I decided I only wanted to hear my side of the conversation."

Seinfeld, 58, may not have returned to the sitcom format that made him a pop-culture icon, but he has continued to embrace standup. He'll perform Saturday at MGM Grand at Foxwoods.

His latest non-standup gig is an Internet series titled "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." What it's about? Um, comedians. In cars. Getting coffee. It follows along as Seinfeld picks up another comic and drives him to a place where the two have lunch. Hey, when the two people are Seinfeld and, say, Larry David, even that can be a gas.


Jerry Seinfeld, 8 p.m. Saturday, MGM Grand at Foxwoods; $82.50-$150; 1-800-200-2882.


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