L&M parking lot paved her paradise

I live in the "hospital neighborhood" and have done my best to be a good neighbor to Lawrence & Memorial Hospital for 46 years. Lately, my neighborly attitude was taken advantage of in the form of a parking lot off Ocean Avenue. This has drastically changed the look and feel of properties on Dell Avenue, Evergreen Avenue and Menghi Street.

The best feature of my property has always been the backyard. It was a little slice of heaven in the middle of the city with a lovely wooded view.

Now, an empty lot stares back at me. At night, big bright lights pierce the once lovely darkness behind the south-facing windows of my home. They're set to go off "sometime after 11 p.m." L&M apparently has no plans to landscape the lot.

L&M has substantially lowered my property values and enjoyment of my property. It has forever changed the quiet peaceful nature and landscape of this area enjoyed for well over 90 years by many generations of families who, like me, still own their ancestral homes.

This neighborhood has put up with quite a bit from L&M. I think it's time that L&M held up its end of the neighborly bargain.

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