Morgan Student Dies in Middletown Hit-and-Run

Morgan School sophomore 15-year old Cailyn Bassett was killed in a hit-and-run incident on Dec. 7 in Middletown on Saybrook Road. As police were preparing to announce details on the driver, Clinton schools Crisis Team members were preparing the community to cope with the senseless loss.

The team met on Dec. 8 to go over how to handle this tragedy, which includes Superintendent Jack Cross, high school administrators, counselors, social workers, youth and family services, and the school's resource officer.

This morning, high school staff met to discuss how to help students and teachers cope with this loss.

"We had a briefing for how to deal with our students grief and concerns, but also to help staff. (On Monday) every teacher had as small group of 8 to 12 kids and they had a statement to present to them and then from there we started a 'normal' day," said Cross. "Students who were seeking a place to go, we opened up our library media center for comments and support and we had our art counselors there and folks from the town there so there was really a place for kids to go and address their questions, concerns, and issues and then also opportunity to do some, if you will, art therapy, with markers and poster boards, so they can do some of the processing of their grief."

The superintendent said administrators and staff were meeting at the end of the school day to address how the rest of the week will unfold.


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