Greedy exploitation of tenants' good deeds

Apparently avarice and apathy can be found in all situations. Opportunistic are those who use a horrific storm-of-the-decade to gouge others with inflated prices for gas, water, etc. A despicable case has to be the La Triumphe Apartments in Groton. A tenant compassionately opened their dwelling to a temporarily homeless evacuee and her tiny lap dog and said tenant was subsequently fined $500 by the building owners. An appalling penalty for their sympathetic generosity.

These kind friends should never have been punished for assisting a victim of a mandatory evacuation. If these Gordon Gekko profiteers had perhaps decreed, "60 days following a natural disaster, a nominal fee will be assessed if the temporary pets create additional cleaning," they might be considered depraved but rational. However, this was all about the money.

Whether some evacuees endured minor or horrendous damages, being forced from their homes was traumatic enough. This Grinch action is an embarrassment to the Golden Rule many of us were taught early in our development. Do these landlords own any 55-plus residences, and do they slap similar fines on disaster/displaced babies discovered on their sacred premises? Shame!

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