A Christmas to Remember at Future Habitat for Humanity Home

This just might be a Christmas to remember, for the future homeowner and the volunteers who on Saturday, December 15 will begin the framing of new Habitat home on Prospect Street in Norwich. Sure, they will remember the cold weather, but will they also remember what it feels like to change a life with a simple action.

When HFHSECT purchased the property at 129 Prospect Street in the Greenville area of Norwich, it was an uninhabitable and blighted structure. After an extensive remediation and demolition process, construction is set to begin on a new home. When completed, the home will be sold to Tanikka Davis, who will live in the home with her two sons. Tannika will work beside volunteers throughout the construction of her home, completing 400 hours of “sweat equity.”

At a time of year when many hours and much energy is devoted to the securing of the perfect gift, and we are caught up with many festivities, it is in the simple act of using a hammer and some nails that these volunteers and family members may experience a Christmas to remember, for its unselfish demonstration of love for each other.

We take a moment to reflect, that even though many years have passed since Mary and Joseph sought decent shelter, still today there are millions of us still in need of that same safe haven. With a spirit of love and community and through the simple gift of their time, volunteers and families are working to create this safe haven one nail, one house, one family at a time.

What: HFHSECT’s first build day

Where: 129 Prospect Street, Norwich CT

When: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Brief devotions will be held at 8:30

Who: Habitat for Humanity volunteers, future home owner Tanikka Davis, Executive Director Terri O’Rourke