Births - Dec. 16


NOV. 21 - A son to Ashley Edwards of Oakdale; a son to Michael Mees and Knoll Osborn of Quaker Hill; a daughter to Eric Arbour and Emily Sweeney-Arbour of New London.

NOV. 22 - A son to Dennis O'Connor Jr. and Amanda Clewell of New London; a daughter to Jorge and Ludis Serrano of New London.

NOV. 23 - A daughter to Jonathan and Lisa Connell of Ledyard; a daughter to Joseph and Samantha LaCouture of Quaker Hill; a son to Jivonna and Antonio Blackman Jr. of New London; a son to Shalore Tobias and Jaslyn Reels of Groton.

NOV. 25 - A daughter to Peter and Jennivie Fanno of New London; a son to Ashly Hopkins of Waterford; a daughter to Stephanie Merrill of New London; a son to Nicholas and Jennifer Startz of Waterford.

NOV. 26 - A son to Nicholas and Melanie Burdick of New London; a daughter to Matthew and Priscilla Derosier of New London; a son to Raheeim General and Tania Henderson of New London; a daughter to Zackery and Jessica McInnis of Groton.

NOV. 27 - A daughter to Niklas and Lydia Wagner of Groton.


NOV. 26 - A son to Matthew and Alexis Manheimer; a daughter to Jian Da Tan and Qi Piao Yu; a son to Shiquel Pires-Dunn and Ashley Falzone; a daughter to Shawn and Alana Rooney; a son to Dan and Elvira Uccello.

NOV. 27 - A son to Cory and Jessica Gauthier; a daughter to Zackary Mingo and Emilisa Pires.

NOV. 28 - A daughter to David and Jennifer Galloway.

NOV. 29 - A son to Jeremy and Samantha Dermody; a daughter to Phillip and Chelsey Kopplin; a son to Cesar Osuba and Sarah Nix.

NOV. 30 - A son to Jake Ryan Hamilton and Lindsay Mann.

DEC. 1 - A daughter to Timothy and Heidi Ververis.

DEC. 4 - A daughter to Peter and Jennifer Huoppi.

DEC. 5 - A son to Brandon and Stephanie Spargo; a son to Brianna VanWechel; a son to Sir Allen Johnson and Latasha Bell.

DEC. 6 - A son to Ryan Criswell and Ariel Swan-Daly; a daughter to Marc and Heather Massicotte.

DEC. 7 - A son to Wilfred Santiago and Aisling Caffrey; a daughter to Angel Melendez and Katherine Cichon.

DEC. 8 - A daughter to Daniel and Kristine Charles; a daughter to Nicholas and Kelly Pennell.

DEC. 9 - A daughter to Michael and Elicia Tate.


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