Metal detectors will be in place at Fitch

Groton - An unsubstantiated rumor about a student bringing a gun to school that persisted over the weekend has prompted use of metal detectors at Fitch High School, Interim Superintendent John Ramos said today.

Police and school officials plan to randomly use hand-held wands to check students for metal starting Tuesday and continuing throughout the week. Ramos said mention of the gun at school was received prior to the tragic school shooting in Newtown Friday.

Ramos said the rumor about the gun, which was investigated by police, was related to Dec. 21, which some had predicted to be the end of the world.

“The rumor got a life of its own over the weekend through social media,” Ramos said. “In the context of what’s going on in Newtown, we’ve taken a couple of extra steps to be extra vigilant.”

Ramos said officers from the town and city departments were stationed at each school in Groton on Monday morning and will be there again on Tuesday. Two officers will be stationed at Fitch for the rest of the week.

“Everyone is working hard to be extra diligent and aware during this time … when we’re grieving,” Ramos said.

Ramos said he met with school officials to review and reinforce security protocols on Friday and made the school communities aware of crisis team availability for students and staff. He met with police officials this afternoon.

Ramos said he is coordinating with new School Facilities Director William Robarge and police to review security at all the schools. Ramos said schools “universally” will be doing likewise.


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