Let God in schools to keep the evil out

My dad used to tell me that we are all members of the same orchestra being led by God; we each just play a different instrument. That was never more evident than when the Newtown community came together for an interfaith memorial service. The richness and diversity of faiths praying to God - their God - was a beautiful display of respect and cooperation. How sad it is that it takes a tragedy of such immense proportions to bring people of all faiths together.

I was also struck by the irony of this gathering being held in a public school.

We are a nation founded upon religious freedom, but can no longer celebrate this within our schools. We can no longer celebrate the diversity of our cultures and teach our children the richness of all our heritages. Yet we somehow expect them to be tolerant and accepting of all. We need to teach our children well.

Please let the music play - to God, whomever our God is. Maybe if we let Him back into our world, there will be no more room for evil.

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