N.Y. neighbor mourns deaths in Connecticut

I was in total disbelief sitting in a mosque just before the Friday Sermon to commence as this tragic shooting in Connecticut news was announced. Just three days earlier the Oregon shooting left me dazed.

This latest incident is on a whole new level, learning about young children being the victims. I was racked with grief. Islam teaches that all life is sacred. It urges us to inculcate the values of sympathy and love for humanity. Our holy book, the Quran, teaches that to take one innocent life is to kill all mankind. Some sayings and teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad towards children was flowing in my mind; particularly one where he once said "Fear God and treat your children (small or grown) fairly (with equal justice)."

Prophet Muhammad's attitude toward children is an example for the whole human race that shows how to treat them with respect, kindness, love and cherish them at all times. As Americans, as Muslims, and as human beings, we denounce this atrocity and call for all Americans to unite - regardless of differences - for the sake of love and harmony. We pray to God Almighty to protect all mankind from harm, and to give endurance and consolation to those suffering from this tragedy.

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