Train, take up arms to protect our schools

The Dec. 15 editorial "This Time, Connecticut" reflected the despair and grief felt by all with a heart and soul.

However, there are those who have politicized this matter before tears have dried and blood is cleared, The Day's editorial staff included. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., implied recently that this event should be exploited. That anyone would call for more "gun control" after this event is proof that we have crossed the dividing line to insanity.

How often must we hear about the need for yet more "effective and sensible gun control" when the Sandy Hook Elementary School was exercising the essence of "gun control?" The school was a "gun-free zone!" What The Day says are not answers I say are. It's time to jump out of the box - or was that the fish barrel?

I suggest the comprehensive training of teachers and parents so inclined in the methods of concealed carry and countervailing force; parents will happily volunteer to work shifts on school premises. Include armed security roving watches and manned entrances and exits. This situation transcends gun rights into those of natural law. And I am appalled that while we are being confronted with wolves, there are those among us who would have us all become sheep.

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