Problems were much simpler in simpler times

I was born and raised in the Great Depression of 1933, one of nine children.

We didn't have a whole lot but we always had enough. My father never asked the government for anything and didn't expect any help from them.

All of us children went to public schools. We started each day pledgging alliance to the flag and with a prayer.

My teacher kept a big King James bible on one side of her desk and a big ruler on the other side. If anyone misbehaved she would use the ruler on our knuckles or on our rear end. Growing up, the biggest problem we had in school was chewing gum.

In the 1960s we took prayer out of the schools and today we have policemen in the schools. (I wonder if there could be a connection?)

In the 1970s we legalized abortion now we find our nation and ourselves with big financial problems, with a declining birth rate.

I read an article the other day blaming the decline on the modern women wanting to further their careers and postponing raising their families.

One other factor: the more than 40 million abortions that took place over the past decades - 40 million potential taxpayers.

God help us all.

John Fogg Sr.


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