Concern about direction of Ledyard Senior Center

I have been a part-time employee of the Ledyard Senior Center for many years and have worked with four directors who were very wonderful, caring ladies, but were all different in the way they accomplished their goals for the best interest of the seniors, which is also the case for the program directors. All of them had a goal of providing their best effort for everyone. Now there seems to be a group that is led by a misinformed and misguided gentleman, leading a few people bent on destroying what the directors and program directors have tried to do to make the senior center what it's intended to be; a warm, caring place away from home and isolation, getting out for a few hours and meeting friends and other people. A relaxing place for everyone, not just a few.

Let's all show kindness and respectfulness, not anger, meanness. And above all, gossiping should not be welcomed at the center.

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