Democrat sheds no tears over Lieberman

The Day has recently published several articles in praise of retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman. No doubt, Lieberman achieved much. We must remember that Lieberman was one of the strongest supporters of George W. Bush's Iraq fiasco, and he continues to say that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, contrary to facts established beyond a doubt by the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Pentagon. Lieberman, a former Democratic vice presidential candidate, deserted his party and ran as an independent after he lost to Ned Lamont in his party's primary.

Lieberman endorsed and spoke on behalf of Republican John McCain against Barack Obama in 2008, and refused to endorse President Obama in 2012. Lieberman threatened to join the Republicans' filibuster against Obamacare if the Democrats retained the public option provision. Lieberman's support of the death penalty, laws limiting product liability damages, vouchers that weaken public schools, rabid support for defense contractors, and his creation of the boondoggle Homeland Security Department will all go down as mistakes that reflect his poor judgment and failed public service to Connecticut and the United States.

I welcome our new Democratic Sen.-elect Chris Murphy.

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