A new wild west is not the solution

Wayne LaPierre, NRA leader and gun lobbyist, blamed Hollywood for some of the gun violence in our country.

I remember "Ben Hur" holding Davy Crockett's "Old Betsy" above his head while adolescent synapses fired and roared approval through middle-aged throats.

Maybe LaPierre has a point. He also suggested a passive, reactive solution. Armed guards at all of our schools. If you really want to use our children as bait, why stop there?

Have armed guards anywhere children may gather, from Little League games to fishing derbies. The sky's the limit. Good for business too!

Or, you could go about cleaning up Dodge and be pro-active like Wyatt Earp.

Marshal Earp didn't station deputies at the schoolhouse, the church or the dry goods store and positively await the bloodshed soon to fall into his lap. He eliminated the source of that threat and disarmed every cowpoke who entered Dodge City.

As I watched LaPierre's struggle with morality I was reminded of a line from the movie "Cold Mountain." Bemoaning the violence that the Civil War had wreaked upon the civilian population, Renee Zellwegar's character says, "They bring a storm upon the land and then they say, (bleep), it's raining!"

Well, it's raining, Mr. LaPierre. Time to clean up Dodge.

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