Liberals deserve blame for coddling killers

Where is the media and public outcry regarding the liberal left-wing legislation and prison policies that allow someone like William Spengler from Webster, N.Y. to freely live amongst us?

Isn't killing your grandmother with a hammer, and not knowing why you did it, enough evidence of mental illness to keep someone locked up? Isn't it obvious that allowing the criminally insane to walk freely about is the cause of these tragedies.

The legislators and parole board members who allowed Mr. Spengler out of prison are the ones really responsible for the tragedy in Webster on Christmas Eve.

Immediately raising gun control as the primary issue in these events is merely a highly emotional response being used for points by politicians and proven ineffective means to solve this criminal problem.

All of these criminals will find a way to kill.

I wish the Petits - the family destroyed by the murder of a mother and her two daughters in 2007 - had owned guns and were all well trained in their use.

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