Loyal Republican upset by party's gun stance

My first voting participation was in the 1940s and then and since it was for the Party of Lincoln.

However I see what might be a future change. My party choice may be up for grabs. I don't object to sale of shotguns to be used for game hunting or for a valid self-protection. I don't object to handguns or rifles that also will be used for hunting, target practice or defending ones self or property as long as they are with limited rounds. But precautions must be taken to prevent them from falling into violent hands.

The potential party that has the strongest stance against sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines will have my vote.

Yes, let their production continue, but only for the military and law enforcement. As a result of that one-sided tragic matter that took place in the Sandy Hook Elementary School, the entire nation is left with a post-stress depression and anxiety that will not vanish with a lapse of time.

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