Bury the Weak leads metal line-up

Do you suppose there's a finite number of band names that can connote evil or aggression? Did the guys in Corrosion of Conformity grasp at straws when they came up with that?

Did Helloween's members breathe a sigh of relieve that no one had thought of "Helloween" yet?

These are just idle thoughts as I sit here perusing the lineup for Friday's metal show at the Bank Street Cafe in New London. Bury the Weak are playing. Our Own Destruction are playing. Both names are fairly redolent of Metalness.

Rope and Red Theory will be there, too, though their respective nomenclatures are more suggestive than in-your-face.

Either way, though, expect much volume and a musical attempt to peel your scalp back.


Bury the Weak, Our Own Destruction, Red Theory and Rope, 8 p.m. Friday, Bank Street Cafe, 639 Bank St., New London; $5; (860) 444-1444.


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