Route 80's Wall Field Closed by Council Vote

On Jan. 8, the Town Council voted unanimously to close Wall Field, the town's iconic Little League diamond which was once set back from Route 80, but is now very close to the construction underway (and the footprint that will remain) for the newly-widened roadway.

The town has had plans for more than a  year to retire the field, replacing it with the newer Wall Field being completed at the Swajchuk property (off Route 22). But at a Dec. 2012 Town Council meeting, representatives of North Branford Little League made a pitch for keeping the orginial Wall Field in play, even if just for the very youngest players' use. Interim Town Manager Bonnie Therrien was then asked by the Town Council to assess the risks of keeping the field open as well finding out what the town's obligation is to close the field, based on accepting a grant the state to help replace the field due to the impact of the Route 80 Phase II widening project.

On Jan. 8, Therrien shared her finding that keeping the field open would not present an insurance risk. But the Council still decided it would be best to close the old field, due to concerns raised by council members including dangers from on-going construction in the area and the fact that, with lights at the new Wall Field, baseball teams will have more playing time and will not need to keep the old Wall Field in its inventory.



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