Spending shenanigans must be stopped now

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has called as "unconscionable" the delay in the U.S. House to vote on the $60 billion Sandy relief bill. What is "unconscionable" governor, is the amount of so-called "pork" in this bill that has nothing to do with the victims of Sandy. These folks need help (financial) now, not down the road!

For our politicians to play games with this aid is "unconscionable." Some reports indicated less than 20 percent of the $60 billion would go directly to the actual victims of Hurricane Sandy, while the bulk will be for "pet projects".

That sir, is not only "unconscionable" it is irresponsible.

Who exactly is playing games, sir?

The American people are fed up with our politicians and it will be reflected in the voting booths.

The do-nothing-but-spend Washington politics, and state legislatures, are out of control and all the shenanigans sure has a rotten smell.

Our governments - federal, states, local - must return to constitutional principle and do it now.

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