If you wage war, accept the horrors

This is in response to an article in The Day, "Troubling trend for vets," Dec. 27. I served in the Army from September 1950 to September 1953. In Basic Training we were taught when going through a town, at each house, you threw a couple of hand grenades in and then sprayed the inside of each, regardless who was in the room. If it moved, you shot it. Better then they shoot you. Then President Bush and Vice President Cheney pointed to rules of war.

What bull! We were trained to kill, period. You cannot win a war with one hand tied behind your back.

You warn the Taliban, one more attack and your villages are no more - period!

I do not feel that the sergeant in Afghanistan, accused of killing Afghani civilians, should face a court martial. You cannot send soldiers back into war zones several times and not expect some will lose it, especially in this war.

I read in the newspaper that we are now building a $500 million dam in Afghanistan. For what? Why not spend that money in America?

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