Do civic duty and clear your sidewalks of snow

Recently this newspaper did a story about how, due to budget constraints, New London does not have the ability to enforce snow removal ordinances from local sidewalks, "Snow removal takes a holiday on some New London sidewalks as ordinance enforcement lags," (Jan. 3).

I always find snow removal ordinances interesting, the public wants sidewalks but some of the public do not want to maintain them once they have them.

There should not be a need for an ordinance to remove the snow, it should be common sense.

I also was made aware of there being numerous feet of sidewalk along Ocean Avenue that had not been cleared of snow. Ocean Avenue sidewalks are highly traveled by our students going to their bus stops. It is imperative that residents clear the walks in order for safe passage of our children to occur.

This is not rocket science. If it snows you need to move the snow from in front of your home or business. The rest of us do it without being told.

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