Fairly disgusted about lack of snow removal

During the Dec. 29 snowstorm I had occasion to be on Kings Highway in Gales Ferry at the Ledyard Housing Authority senior housing facility. At 6 p.m. the road was barely plowed, and the parking lot of the housing facility was not plowed at all. At 11 p.m. Kings Highway showed no signs of being further plowed, and the parking lot was still not plowed at all.

Upon leaving the facility, I barely made it up the hill. I have good tires. I made it up the hill to see a car stuck on the other side. I got out and helped push the car so that its occupants could make it home.

Afterwards, at least two cars tried to make it up the hill but gave up. I wondered if an emergency vehicle could get to the housing facility in the event of an emergency.

It is my opinion that the failure to plow this area shows great negligence of the elderly. I was fairly disgusted about the condition of the road and the housing facility parking lot.

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