Judge sets sentencing dates for participants in slaying of Matthew Chew

The five New London teens who pleaded guilty in recent weeks to taking part in the October 29, 2010 murder of Matthew Chew in New London will be sentenced in Superior Court on five consecutive days in March.

Judge Susan B. Handy has scheduled the sentencings for 2 p.m. on March 11 through 15.

Chew, 25, was walking home from his job at a pizza house when six local teens jumped him on Huntington Street. Idris Elahi pleaded guilty to fatally stabbing Chew and was sentenced in May to 35 years in prison for murder.

The remaining five defendants, who have remained incarcerated since they were arrested about a month after the crime, have all pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter. The judge has scheduled the sentencing dates sequentially so that Chew’s parents, who live in California, can be present.

Rahshad Perry, 19, will be sentenced March 11. Brian Rabell, 20, will be sentenced March 12. Tyree Bundy, 20, will be sentenced March 13. Matias Perry, 19, will be sentenced March 14. Marquis Singleton, 19, will be sentenced March 15.

Rabell, Bundy and Singleton, who cooperated with the investigation, will be sentenced to eight years in prison under plea agreements worked out between their attorneys and the state’s attorney’s office.

Rahshad Perry and Matias Perry, who are not related, each will receive 15-year prison sentences. They did not cooperate with the investigation.


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