Executive order abuse: Grounds for impeachment

During the course of his first term, President Obama was confronted with many near hysterical claims concerning his eligibility and qualifications. The Internet today abounds with citizen-proposed articles of impeachment that the House of Representatives could potentially take up. Most of these spurious articles lack legs and carry the not-so faint odor of political revenge.

Yet, in the few short weeks since his re-election, we have seen a clearer picture of the dark side of the president's progressive agenda: namely the attack on the First and Second Amendments enshrined in the Constitution's Bill of Rights. He is determined by force of law to require religious institutions to distribute abortion-inducing drugs and contraceptives in violation of their most central beliefs. And using the Newtown tragedy as a catalyst, he now obviously intends to launch an assault upon - perhaps even a "confiscation" of - the Second Amendment by issuing a series of executive orders, a process which circumvents the law and that he has successfully employed elsewhere. His obvious contempt for our most cherished first two amendments should be the primary focus of any legitimate impeachment inquiry.

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