Anne Castellano and the Smoke head the bill at 33

The "hangover tune" is a creative rite of passage for virtually any blues, country or rock songwriter - even though Kris Kristofferson sorta said, "Game, set and match" when he penned "Sunday Morning Coming Down." (Consider this as an immortal opening couplet: "Well, I woke up Sunday morning / With no way to hold my head that didn't hurt.")

Give Anne Castellano and the Smoke a bit of three-aspirin-and-some-hair-of-the-dog credit, though. Their melodic alt-rock tune "Headache," with its understated "must have overdone it last night" lament, is a damned fine paean to significant indulgence.

One suspects that next-day headaches might indeed resonate following Saturday's show at New London's 33. Castellano and the Smoke open a fun bill that includes Superbald and the Manchurians.


Anne Castellano and the Smoke, the Manchurians and Superbald, 9:30 p.m. Saturday, 33, 33 Golden St., New London; $5; (860) 443-1193.


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