Don't let left-wing, anti-gun media win

Did you ever notice when left-wing extremist politicians and media partners like The Day want to impose their slanted vision of gun control on 47 million responsible gun owners because of despicable murders by less than a handful of crazies that they misinform with words like "necessary steps are obvious," "reasonable controls," and "sensible," then brand those who disagree as "most irrational"?

Members of Congress and state legislators have offered bills banning possession (i.e., confiscation) of semi-auto firearms and extended magazines. It's not sensible then for ammunition/firearm buyers and current gun owners to register anything. These extremists have already shown us their "end game." Firearms and ammunition are objects like matches, fertilizer, cell phones, fast cars and alcohol. Applied irresponsibly, each can injure and kill.

The FBI's report of 12,664 murders in 2011 is embarrassing for "assault weapon" haters - 323 murders by rifle, 356 by shotgun, 496 by blunt object, 726 by hands/feet. Politicians and media exploit our emotions, distracting you from their failed policies of gun bans, "gun free zones," failed mental illness strategies, entertainment industry violence, and "copy-cat" inducing media coverage. Demand the facts.

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