Reasons that MY 3-year-old might be freaking out

Have you seen this blog floating around the interwebs? It makes me laugh, mainly because it is hysterical, but also because it is SO TRUE. Seriously, three-year-olds are the craziest, most fickle love bugs ever. I thought I would add to the list and share with you some reasons MY three-year-old might be freaking out.

He wants a snack.

Not that snack.

He doesn't want a snack!

His tushie is hurting.

His penis is hurting.

His Wonder Pets underwear is dirty.

His feetie jammies have a snap.

It's too shiny outside.

I'm touching him.

I'm not touching him.

I'm looking at him.

I'm not looking at him.

He is SO sweaty.

He needs a Band-Aid.

He needs a knife.

He IS a grown-up.

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