Don't let open space escape town's hands

The controversy involving the 127-acre YMCA Camp Anderson property on Button Road in North Stonington is disturbing. This property was given to the YMCA in 1972 with a reverter that it should become the property of North Stonington as open space if the YMCA should cease to own it.

This land became occupied by Firefly Farms in 2011, ignoring the intent of the donors and the claim of North Stonington.

The issue has been on the selectman's weekly meeting agenda for over a year. It is the documented intent of the donors that the property belong to North Stonington for use as open space. This was their legally documented gift to the town. If the town violates the wishes of these donors, a shoddy message is being sent to their descendants and to potential future donors.

Challenging fiscal times should not cause the town to surrender the YMCA property as open space for future generations.

Don't allow Firefly Farms to deny the town residents this land and its valuable resources.

We urge the town to stand up for what is right as stated in the deed. This is why we have attended the selectmen's weekly meetings.

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