Comfort Food, Shelter, and Companionship

Last week, 150 members of St. Mary's Church helped provide 11 homeless New Haven-area men with comfort food, comfortable shelter, and companionship. The church participated in Columbus House's Abraham's Tent program for the third year in a row. Beginning Jan. 14, St. Mary's parish hall was the site of a week's worth of evening home-cooked meals and entertainment shared between the men and parish members. The men also enjoyed a good night's sleep and breakfast and lunch before busing daily to New Haven for activities and jobs. The same group returned to the Branford church hall nightly.

Organizers Alice Hines and Joan Pirtel thank all of the volunteers who gave donations, cooked and served food, and provided company and entertainment. Many children from St. Mary's School participated as well. The diverse group shown here includes parish members and men from the program, enjoying after-dinner board games and card games on Jan. 16.


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