Kerry very poor Sec. of State choice

Sen. John Kerry was a major supporter of the veterans against the war in Vietnam. Kerry testified to Congress that it was our troop's policy to torture prisoners by cutting off ears, putting electric charges to their testicles and more. Adm. Roy Hoffmann said he and the vast majority of Kerry's shipmates could never forgive him for his slanderous accusations of atrocities committed by Americans in his testimony.

In June 1971 Kerry met with the North Vietnamese Communist leaders in France to talk about peace. On July 22, 1971 Kerry called a press conference to urge President Nixon to except the communist seven-point plan for peace.

Kerry opposed the Persian Gulf War, then said "yes" to invasion of Iraq. Then, when things went bad, he turned against that war. With that kind of decision making, he lost the presidency and as Secretary of State his decisions will be no better.

Please read "Unfit For Command" co-authored by Swift Boat veteran John E. O'Neill. And please call your senators and tell them to say "no" to Kerry as Secretary of State.

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