Fire extinguished in Coast Guard Academy barracks

New London — A second-floor fire tonight at Chase Hall on the U.S. Coast Guard Academy campus was contained to a storage closet but a half dozen rooms sustained water damage.

No one was injured after the 7:09 p.m. blaze, New London Fire Battalion Chief Thomas Curcio said.

First reported as just a fire alarm, Curcio said firefighters saw heavy black smoke coming from Chase Hall, described in Academy literature as the largest building on campus and which “serves as the sole barracks for approximately 1,000 cadets and officer candidates.”

Cadets had already evacuated, Curcio said, and a sprinkler head in the closet kept the fire in check. Firefighters used one hose to knock down the rest of the fire and had it out in less than 10 minutes. Every on-duty firefighter, from all three stations, responded, he said.

The fire did not extend out of the closet, he said, and personnel helped clear the smoke. There was “quite a bit of water damage,” Curcio said, extending to five or six rooms. Firefighters helped mop up the water, Curcio said, and around 9:30 p.m. fire inspector Bridget Yuknat was still on scene investigating the fire’s cause and origin.


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