Too much negative in Day and elsewhere

In skimming through The Day recently, I was reminded of a letter I wrote of a motto I have tried to live by. While working as a social worker with children, "Accent the positive, eliminate the negative." In the column, "News in Briefs," (Jan. 2), There were five briefs about five different countries - all the briefs were negative.

Unfortunately much of the media seems to favor the negative. TV is number one - the news and many of the regular programs. TV seems to attract the folks I like to refer to as the mental midgets of the audience.

A few years ago I cancelled my subscription of the Hartford Courant after 60 years or so. Reading all the negative news twice a day didn't sit too well.

Here is a chance for The Day to be different from just about every media in the country. Have a balance of articles. Trying to find many positives will be a challenge but worth it. Be number one.

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