Coming attractions: The Screening Room at the Hygienic

When the lights go down at The Screening Room, which is part of the Hygienic festivities, here's what will come up on screen:

• "The Date," by Luke Matheny, who won a 2011 Oscar for best live action short film for "God of Love," focuses on two friends who find love over a bowl of soup.

• "Ditching School to Whistle," directed by its 21-year-old star Ien Chi, was named best film at Beneath Earth Film Festival.

• "The Man Who Lived on His Bike," by Guillaume Blanchet, follows him as he rides his bicycle through Montreal for 382 days.

The Screening Room offers a real mix of movies - from both new and longtime filmmakers, from around the region and around the world. This indie film fest hews to the Hygienic mantra, too: no judge, no jury, no entry fee, no censorship.


The Screening Room, 7-10 p.m. Friday, Hygienic Art Galleries, 79 Bank St., New London; free.


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