Behold the Hygienic Hootenanny

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If you grow up in the South, chances are you really will encounter a hootenanny now and again. Up here, though, in the land of Harold Bloom and Katie Hepburn, the image is a bit more exotic and, yes, intriguing.

"Come closer! A hootenanny!"

Indeed, it's become a tradition that Hygienic weekend officially kicks off with a hootenanny.

From 7-10 p.m. Friday, then, at the Commoner in New London, several performers of roots, folk, acoustic and country music will Hoot! On the bill: The Crew (7 p.m.), Paddle Faster (7:25 p.m.), Charlie Reyburn (7:45 p.m.), Hugh & Jim (8:05 p.m.), Nancy Parent (8:25 p.m.), Dirt Road Radio (8:50 p.m.), Kevin Kane (9:15 p.m.), and 28 Strings (9:40 p.m.).


The Hygienic Hootenanny, 7 p.m. Friday, The Commoner, 36 Bank St., New London; free;


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