Haitian health group providing vital service

I appreciate the ongoing coverage of the Haitian Health Foundations Jeremie, Haiti activities. HHF's young executive director, Marilyn E. Lowney, offers advice that steadies the difficult course of recovery not only from the earthquake but from centuries of inadequacies. Her response, "Look at the person you're helping" is not sexy advice, but a message that is constant, caring and supportive.

Many Americans recognize both the horrors of the Haitian poverty and the obligation to participate in a positive way to help create a climate of economic and social stability in which Haitians themselves will be able to move into the healthy living patterns of our times. Neither the UN, the U.S. government, nor multiple international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have found this easy; instead they have discovered that money alone is not enough.

HHF has provided a personal presence of energetic and caring Americans, both here and in Haiti, who participate in the daily efforts of the Haitian people to create a self functioning nation of the 21st century.

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