Reject poor choices for key positions

The U.S. Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State positions require experienced trustworthy leaders. The two candidates Chuck Hagel and John Kerry do not have the American traditional qualifications to perform in this most fragile and delicate time in our history, in my opinion.

Both are pawns of a president who has performed poorly in foreign relations and is predicted to cut our military in an arbitrary manner when it is so sorely needed.

Let's remember Kerry's performance after Vietnam with Hollywood leftist sympathizer Jane Fonda when he threw his war metals away.

Chuck Hagel is also equally unqualified to be Secretary of Defense because of his lack of support for U.S. policy in time of war and his softness in support of our close friend Israel against mutual threats.

We cannot afford to have people in these key positions who will carry out the failed Panetta-Obama doctrine that resulted in the tragic loss of American lives at Benghazi.

Mr. Obama should remember the famous Chinese General Sun Tzu who stated "Know thy enemy but not yourself, wallow in defeat every time."

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