President protection bill shows his hypocrisy

During the 2007 campaign, then candidate Obama's theme was how broken Washington was, the lack of transparency during the Bush years, and the excessive use of Executive Orders to circumvent the way business should be conducted. Today, President Obama has become the poster child for all he railed against as he crisscrossed the country with a disturbing sense of urgency to become the commander in chief.

I recently learned (not from The Day or other mainstream media outlets) that President Obama signed a bill reinstating a 1965 law that provides presidents and their families armed protection for life, amending a 1990s law that imposed a 10-year limit on Secret Service protection, potentially costing taxpayers millions of dollars. The perceived irony of protecting the Obamas for life, while he and his cabinet are working behind the scenes to disarm law-abiding citizens is disgraceful.

This president has forsaken all of the promises he has made to we the people. If lying is OK, this president has turned it into an art form.

Lying is not OK.

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