Schools Business Administrator Andy Potochney Retires

After more than a decade of service, commitment, and dedication to Guilford Public Schools, Business Administrator Andy Potochney announced his resignation, effective Jan. 31.

"I have enjoyed my time working for the Town of Guilford and the Guilford Board of Education. I have worked with and for many outstanding individuals and boards," Potochney said. "I have found them to be very supportive and have truly enjoyed my association with them. I believe they all have the best interest in serving the residents of the town."

A large part of the business administrator's title was helping to prepare and administer the education budget. According to Board of Education (BOE) Chair William Bloss, Potochney's greatest contribution to the Guilford district was maintaining credibility with both the BOE and the Board of Finance (BOF).

Bloss said that, under Potochney's leadership, every independent accounting audit had passed with flying colors. Bloss also noted that the BOE never sought additional funds from the BOF to cover a shortfall in an operating budget during Potochney's time in Guilford.

"No one has worked more diligently and thoughtfully than Andy to prepare and administer our education budget. Everyone involved with our schools will miss him," Bloss said. "His implementation of the budget required the skills of a surgeon. Through all the challenges, Andy kept the board squarely within the lines. He always remembered that the public was responsible for our entire budget, and he worked to maintain their trust."

Potochney said he looks forward to spending his free time with his family and to "renew my interest in outdoor activities" including skiing and fishing.

"I wish all Guilford residents the best and hope that I have met their expectations as an employee of the town and Board of Education," he stated.

To fill his position, the district hired former Avon High School principal Jason Beaudin, with the position retitled to assistant superintendent of business operations. Beaudin's past work includes managing an
$11 million building budget, coordinating a $27 million building renovation project, and supervising 110 staff members in his former district.

Beaudin will oversee the new state requirements for teacher evaluations, coordinate work with human resources, and supervise all other aspects of business operations. Bloss said that Guilford Public Schools Accounting Manager Linda Trudeau will continue to help address the accounting and financial side alongside Beaudin.


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