Eastern Connecticut Conservation District to offer workshop on development

Eastern Connecticut Conservation District to offer workshop on development

Norwich -- The Eastern Connecticut Conservation District, in partnership with the towns of Ledyard and Preston, will offer a workshop on low-impact development at 7 p.m. Feb. 21 at the Ledyard Town Hall Annex Building, 741 Colonel Ledyard Highway.

“Storm water runoff transports major amounts of water pollutants to Connecticut streams, wetlands and estuaries,” Jean Pillo, watershed conservation coordinator for the conservation district. “Low-impact development is a way to reduce the impacts of development by encouraging storm water to soak into the ground rather than across the land, where it will pick up contaminants along the way to the nearest storm drain. Low-impact development does not mean no development, just smarter development.”

During the workshop, Mike Dietz, the Connecticut coordinator for the Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials program, will give an overview what low-impact development means, how it works and why thinking differently about storm water management is important. The workshop is intended for public officials, land use commissioners, public works officials, builders, developers, planners, engineers and interested citizens.

Admission is free, but space is limited. To make a reservation, contact Pillo at (860) 928-4948 extension 605 or at: Jean.Pillo@ConserveCT.org.  


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