Help Yourself, Help Your Neighbor

Your Jan. 24 article "Starting at the Top" provided well-deserved publicity for a highly beneficial program-CL&P's Home Energy Solutions weatherization program. This program not only identifies a home's major causes for wasted energy, but the technicians fix them on the spot, all this included in the small co-pay.

The article should have listed the correct telephone number to call to sign up for one of these assessments as 888-811-3748 (toll-free). This number will get you directly to the company (ERG) that services the Chester area. Calling directly to that company will get you scheduled faster and, for Chester residents, the company will donate a healthy portion of their co-pay to the town's Emergency Fuel Fund. Help yourself, help your neighbor.

The Energy Team has received glowing reports about ERG's service as well as about the subsequent increased comfort. If your readers haven't yet taken advantage of this program, call now.

Richard Holloway
Chester Energy Team


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