Guilford Town Crews Working to Clear Roads

Sunday, February 10 update according to the Guilford town website:


The protocol for plowing Town roads is as follows: Major arteries first, secondary roads, next sidestreets and subivision roads. Please be assured that should you have an emergency Town emergency personnel will get to you. We have received more than three feet of snow and crews have been working day and night to clear the roads. Because of the amount of snow we have also needed to use payloaders and other construction equipment. 

Town crews have been out working early this morning to continue clearing roads in Town.  Please understand that we have over 200 miles of roads in Town.  We are working as quickly as possible and have every resource available to us including payloaders that we are subcontracting.  Your continued patience is appreciated.


Guilford First Selectman Joseph Mazza also updated the town via facebook on Sunday morning informing residents that he has requested assistance from the State to secure additional equipment and personnel to help with the snow clean up efforts.


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