Schools Remain Closed, Hearings Postponed, Roads Improving

In the aftermath of Storm Nemo, Madison schools will remain closed on Tuesday, Feb. 12. Additionally, the public hearing to discuss proposed town and education budgets for 2013-2014 scheduled for this evening has been postponed. Look for updates as they arrive.

Following is an update from the Town of Madison:

Winter Storm Charlotte
Call #4 
2/11/2013 3:30 PM

Good afternoon.  This is your First Selectman Fillmore McPherson with the fourth update on the Blizzard of 2013, this Monday, February 11.  I thank you for your patience as we work through this historic event together.

The main thrust of the Town’s efforts has been to open the roads.  Since the start of the blizzard, the first priority has been to assist any E-911 calls, followed by any assistance needed by CL&P to help in power restoration.  The next priority has been to open the main collector and arterial roads, which were all open by Saturday night.  Included in that category were two state roads, Horsepond Road and portions of the Boston Post Road, which the State was unable to address in a timely fashion.  I should mention that by open, we mean enough access for emergency responders and for residents to get in and out.  Generally speaking, this means passable by two lanes of traffic at low speeds.

Yesterday and today, we have been working on the local roads, with a lot of progress having been made.  Our crews, made up of a combination of men and equipment from both our Public Works and outside contractors, plan to have the lion’s share of these roads open by tonight, but some will carry over until tomorrow.  If your road is still not open by tomorrow morning, please send another email to, so we can make sure we don’t miss anyone.

After these side roads are made accessible, we will be coming back to clear the entire road width and clean up the intersections.  Again, we ask your patience as we work around the clock to respond to this event.

On another matter, the Superintendent of Schools has announced that schools will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday.

Thank you, and good evening.

Fillmore McPherson


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