Cow attackers deserve harsh punishment

I was heartbroken after reading the article, "Fund set up to help teen who lost cow in shooting," (Jan. 31), about Angel the cow. I have been hearing a lot of horrific animal abuse stories lately.

First, what is wrong with some of the young people today? When I was a teen, hi-jinx consisted of basically harmless, stupid pranks. Today the pranks are dangerous and over the top with little to no regard for the rights and property or pets of others.

I hope that our local politicians and judicial system members set a precedent with the punishment that the individuals who committed this senseless, heartless crime receive. A slap on the wrist will not be sufficient. Let's start by having them spend time in an emergency animal hospital watching the suffering of both the animal victims and the families of those pets, in addition hit them where it hurts, the wallet.

The local public will be watching to see the outcome. My heart goes out to Asa and his family.

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