Groton's grand list, top 10 taxpayers

Groton - The town grand list of taxable property dropped in 2012 by 1.3 percent from a year prior, based on the values of real estate, personal property and motor vehicles as of Oct. 1, 2012.

The total grand list was $3.89 billion, down $49.32 million from the $3.94 billion reported in 2011 after adjustments by the Board of Assessment Appeals.

Real estate values rose by $2.4 million or 0.1 percent; personal property values dropped by $46.7 million or 13.3 percent; and motor vehicles dipped by $5 million or 2.5 percent.

The top 10 taxpayers, total net assessment and percent of grand list

1. Pfizer Inc., $550.9 million.

2. Electric Boat Corp., $214.3 million.

3. COR Groton Apartments, LLC (Ledges Apartments), $21.4 million.

4. Exit 88 Hotel (Mystic Marriott), $20.4 million.

5. Groton Development Association (Country Glen Apartments), $17.5 million.

6. Elk La Triumphe LLC (La Triumph Apartments), $14.7 million.

7. CW Groton Square LLC, shopping center, $14.5 million.

8. Groton Estates LLC (Colonial Manor apartments), $12.2 million.

9. Branford Manor Association (Branford Manor Apartments), $10.9 million.

10. Groton Shoppers Mart LLP, shopping center, $10.9 million.

The total net assessment of the top 10 taxpayers constitutes about 22.8 percent of the total Oct. 1, 2012, net adjusted taxable grand list prior to deliberations by the Board of Assessment Appeals.

- Greg Smith


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